From landlines to mobile phones, from voice phone calls to text messaging, communications have evolved dramatically across business and generations. TEN DIGIT Communications’ new platform “TDC BRIDGE™” bridges mobile text messaging with the classic voice-based landline – creating a fully integrated solution to make customer service representatives more effective and efficient.

Our patented* SMS text messaging platform-as-a-service offering is a critical, cost-effective and innovative customer care solution for contact centers. The result is improved customer experience, increased agent satisfaction and enhanced productivity by eliminating unnecessary friction, including dropped or missed calls, lengthy hold times, and lack of personalization.

The TDC Bridge enables customer care agents to meet callers where they are by enabling business wire lines to work like a smart phone, moving between voice, text, link and photo sharing, so conversations are convenient, friendly and easily resolved.

Our TDC Bridge SMS text messaging platform has more than 100 features, including:

  • Modern web applications which are forever linked with a carrier grade telecom platform.
  • Inter-team transfer fuels network effects — driving both efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Seamless distribution of text conversations, much like the functionality of a Private Branch Exchange, (“PBX”) for voice conversations.
  • Renewed relevance of phone numbers as a common thread between business and consumer connectivity.
  • Effective use of automations to boost agent effectiveness and productivity.
  • Integration with existing platforms and productivity tools.

Our Mission and Vision: Transform business communications using text messaging solutions to solve our clients’ customer care challenges.  Great conversations, better outcomes, the best relationships.



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TDC Bridge / Intelligent Messaging Platform